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Otavio Pupo is a Brazilian cinematographer.

Always a cinephile, it was his years in film school though that sparked his interest in cinematography, when he had the opportunity to explore different aspects of filmmaking in various sets. Seeking further development, he participated in five advanced Maine Media Workshops, where he attended classes with top professionals like Oscar® winner Russel Carpenter.

Since then, he has dedicated himself entirely to the profession of cinematographer in the audiovisual and advertising markets. For his work on “Lunatique” he received the ABC Award for Best Short Film Photography Direction in 2017.

That same year he worked on his first feature film, "On Wheels", released in 2019. The film was the winner of the TIFF Kids festival and participated in dozens of international festivals. His second feature, “Cabrito”, was awarded as Best Film at the Optical Theater Festival in Rome.

Other projects include the feature “Amo-te Imenso”, filmed in Portugal in 2020, and a series about the presenter Hebe Camargo for Globoplay.

He has also worked on several international projects in countries such as Portugal, the United States and France. He is fluent in English and Spanish and communicates well in French.

He is a member of ABC (Brazilian Cinematography Association).

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